Case Studies: Financial Services

At Exequor, our distinctive case studies reflect the increasing complexity of the Financial Services Industry. While the industry has a history of intense regulatory oversight, expanded modeling and analytic requirements arising from the Dodd-Frank legislation have created new challenges for our clients.

The case studies here demonstrate how Exequor’s comprehensive, strategic approach aids our clients in understanding the intricacies and risks of a vastly changed business landscape. With in-depth research, innovative analysis and inspired solutions, Exequor is a trusted advisor, guiding our financial clients in meeting the complexities and critical challenges of a new and demanding environment while developing solutions that improve transparency and reduce costs associated with model deployment.

  • Analytical Management & Regulatory Reporting of PPNR

    Developing an Aggregation Process for a CCAR Bank.

  • Reinvestment Securities in Risk Measurement in CCAR

    RWA Calculations for a CCAR Bank.

  • Simplified Supervisory Formula Approach in CCAR

    Streamlining Calculations for a CCAR Bank.

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